Canadian Theatre Review features Theatre Yes’ ANXIETY

Heather Inglis, Artistic Director and Producer, was invited to contribute a feature article about Theatre Yes’s ANXIETY for the Canadian Theatre Review, Canada’s foremost Theatre Magazine and document. Check out the video created by EPIC photography:

“Innovation and innovative thinking is the only path to sustainability in the theatre and, indeed, in our world. Small independent theatres are the pioneers of Canadian theatre, embracing the risks that are necessary to create new paradigms. My hope is that audiences, funders, and the theatre community at large will continue to acknowledge the vital role small-scale experimentalists play in the ecology of Canadian theatre and find advanced ways to support and promote this work. Anxiety was a groundbreaking, cross-country collaboration that exemplified the power of sheer will to do what had not been done before. It embodied the challenges and possibilities that are created in our fast-paced contemporary lives where the integration of ideas, information, and communication are a currency for survival.”

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