Theatre Yes

June 5th, 2014


Congrats to our intrepid leader Artistic Director Heather Inglis for being a recipient of a 2014 Lieutenant Governor Of Alberta Emerging Artist award. The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards celebrate Alberta’s rich cultural fabric by honouring its most accomplished artists and supporting professional artists in the early stages of their careers.

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We’re pleased as punch to announce that Theatre Yes and the National Theatre Project have been selected to receive a Special Sterling for Outstanding Innovation in the Theatre. Here’s what the selection committee had to say about the award:

In October of 2013 a remarkably intrepid and thoroughly unexpected piece of theatre exploded onto the performing arts scene in our city.Then, in January of 2014, it happened again. In both its editions,The National Elevator Project, produced by Theatre Yes!, took theatre-goers and artists alike into that most intimate and surprising of venues, the elevators of downtown Edmonton, and in the meantime produced one of the most original and inventive collaborations ever in a community with a very long history of innovation indeed. Bringing together writers of every level of experience from across the city, the province and the country, each with a new five minute fully produced play, with dozens of actors, designers, directors, and commissioned companies,The National Elevator Project was an ambitious, exciting and phenomenally enterprising theatrical experiment. It was a testament to the diligence of every participant, but especially to the spirit, determination and artistic fearlessness of its proud parent, Heather Inglis.

The Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards Committee is delighted to honour Theatre Yes! and The National Elevator Project



It’s official, we’re legit! Theatre Yes is now recognized in the pantheon of the greats, the theatrical equivalent of the Canadian rock and roll hall of fame, the Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia. See our vainglorious write up by clicking HERE.


Our special thanks goes out to Doug Mertz and Stefano Muneroni for their generous contribution to the company. You guys rock! Theatre Yes is a not-for-profit organization, not because profit is dirty, but because we’re, well, a theatre. As such, we rely on grants, box office receipts and the sweat equity of our volunteers to carry on with our work of cultural mercy. If you love our theatrical offerings as much as we love styling them, please donate often, donate generously, either in dollar or time and talent form… or at least send the occasional hugs and bouquets!