Inside Curtain Razors

Curtain Razor’s Joey Tremblay with his ANXIETY package

Each artist received a package with instructions and a cryptic message. Curtain Razor received a long tube and the following quote:

“I called out to him. He continued to walk, as if he had not heard me. I followed him, but he disappeared after he rounded the corner. There was no trace of him on the other side.”

Inside, Joey found a collection of maps. Maps of stars, cities, nebulae, and the human body…


About Curtain Razors Artist – Joey Tremblay

joey-headJoey is an auteur-director, playwright, theatre-maker and actor. He received a B.F.A. in Drama from the University of Regina (1987) and a Diploma from the Vancouver Playhouse Acting School (1989). From 1996 to 2001, Tremblay was the Artistic Co-Director of Catalyst Theatre in Edmonton. During this period, he wrote, devised, co-directed and produced as many as fifteen performance events and full-length scripts that toured across Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

In essence, all of his work in theatre has been predominantly in the sector of new play development. However, the process in which he has tackled each new project has varied immensely – from non-linear, interactive, environmental installations to more linear, narrative scripts, where his involvement arguably began as a traditional playwright. Many projects, began as translations of classic work and then through re-writes and rehearsal, they evolved into hybrid interpretations that were far from their original sources.

Combined, this work has garnered over thirty awards and nominations for outstanding direction, production and acting, including two Scotsman Fringe First awards for outstanding writing.

Come see Curtain Razor’s installation in ANXIETY, November 24 – December 4.

More about ANXIETY


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