What people say

“The National Elevator Project was an incredible night of Theatre. I went with my sister and 14 year old daughter. We loved how the whole evening became an event where we travelled from site to site and had a new, engaging, funny, insightful and unique experience each time. Walking downtown with our coffees and seeing other audience members doing the same on a crisp fall evening gave us all a sense of adventure and unity. My daughter said she couldn’t stop thinking about it the next day at school. What made it particularly dynamic though was the pieces themselves and the fact that they took place in elevators. Each piece had high stakes and we were given a glimpse into a small moment in time that held great significance and risk for the characters in the elevator. It was intense and sometimes you felt like you shouldn’t look while these intimate, private moments played out merely feet or sometimes inches from you. It magnified the sense that one always has riding an elevator with strangers confined to a small space. The words and stories carried more weight and significance and stayed with me longer as a result. The shared experience was intensely personal, passionate and at times very funny. I hope this project continues to have a life.” ~ Annette Loiselle, Artistic Director Skirt Afire Festival

“The National Elevator Project (Part 1) was a challenging and exciting theatre experience. I was impressed by how much the playwrights could pack in to about 5 minutes. It was like reading a short story or a poem, rather than a novel, I suppose. I figured I might be uncomfortable with some of the scenarios in tight spaces, but I didn’t know until after that I could be made uncomfortable in so many different ways, and all of them enlightening. I found myself analyzing my own reactions more than I do when I see a play in a theatre, and felt somewhat selfconscious, particularly when I was in an elevator with actors I know personally. I thought the actors were all very brave to tackle this intimate project, and all did an amazing job. This format is a terrific way to be introduced to a new playwright, and see how each one interpreted the constraints of the space. Some let us eavesdrop on a conversation that might otherwise have taken place privately, as a play in a theatre would, and others included us in the action, sometimes as active participants but also as innocent bystanders or even co-conspirators. I am looking forward to what the playwrights in Part 2 will do with us!”~Debbie Giesbrecht, Arts Administrator

“I was lucky enough to go to the opening night of Yes Theatre’s National Elevator project and managed to see all eight plays in one evening. The plays were interesting, well-acted and- this may sound strange given their location-well-staged. The elevators in these plays were not gimmicks. They were integral to the story we were hearing and seeing. It was fascinating to be so close to the actors and in some cases, to be an actual part of the story. This happened in a non- threatening way- I never felt I was put on the spot and forced to do anything. Some of the plays were hilarious; at others, I almost cried at the poignancy and emotions I felt privileged to witness. I think this is exactly the kind of innovative theatre project a place like down town Edmonton needs. Office towers that are usually dead spaces in the evening became vibrant, active locations for theatre. City streets that usually don’t see much pedestrian traffic after dark had people walking around from space to space. I’ve seen a lot of theatre- and this was definitely one of the most imaginative and innovative. It was a great evening of theatre- and I am really looking forward to seeing the next installment at the Canoe Theatre Festival in January.” ~ Nola Keeler CBC Radio

“The List is likely one of the most moving plays I’ve seen this year. As the house lights went up, following the performance, I let go of the breath I had been holding for who knows how long. “ ~ Sound and Noise

“Every element is carefully constructed and, eventually, it leads …to a strikingly gorgeous, haunting final image—one that’ll resonate more than bigger dramas I saw all year. The List is quietly devastating.” ~ Vue Magazine

“No other [Edmonton] company reaches the same degree of confrontation and challenge for both themselves and their audience.” ~ Ken Agrell Smith, Teacher /Director

“Inglis has never really pulled any punches on the theatre she chooses to explore… In that sense, she seems a kindred spirit of Mamet, a playwright known for theatre that tears into the ill realities of the world at large around him.” ~Paul Blinov, Vue Magazine

“Inglis is one of Edmonton’s most fearless directors, staging plays that manage to be timely and poignant political statements without sacrificing anything in the way of dramatic ability or emotional resonance.”[sic] ~ David Berry, Vue Magazine

“Few plays are rendered so artfully by a director. Superb acting, direction and staging give Mamet’s script all the power it needs to impress its vision on the audience.”~Richard LaRose, The Gateway of RACE

It is oft said that the best direction is that which is invisible. If this is so, then Heather Inglis has worked hard to earn this compliment. “ ~Adrian Lacky, Gig City of RACE

 “The quality of this production [Race] by Theatre Yes is outstanding in every respect.” ~ Daniel VanHeyst, Head of Theatre Kings University College, Theatre Designer 2012

“Theatre Yes has a demonstrated and proven track record of producing unique and challenging theatre in Edmonton. This innovative company chooses to work on a project-by-project basis to ensure that their work is driven by their passion and commitment to each and every project. Artistic Director Heather Inglis, winner of the 2007 Mayor’s Evening for the Arts Telus Award for Courage to Innovate, is a talented visionary who continues to select projects and scripts that are not otherwise seen by Edmonton audiences. Theatre Yes plays an important role within the Edmonton theatre community”. ~Marie Gynane-Willis, Former Executive Director, Theatre Alberta

“The 2010 Edmonton Fringe production of Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat was the most effective theatre experience of the 36 shows I took in at the festival. The intimacy and appropriateness of the venues and the emotional journey provided by the juxtaposition of the Mark Ravenhill scripts were achieved with excellent casting, committed performances, and deft direction. The physical journey of the audience provided processing time, and the connections made as audience members travelled was an integral part of the production. A similar effect could be achieved in a more conventional theatrical setting, but the effectiveness of journeying to a site, just as the characters would have journeyed to the site, and then entering each fully-realized “stage” elevated the experience from that of complacent audience member to self-conscious voyeur; our complicity in world events was underscored. In a theatre town with a dedicated theatre audience, the transformative aspect of theatre can be difficult to achieve; the audience has come to expect the ways in which the production will try to create difference for them. The production of Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat subverted those defenses to provide one of the best theatre experiences offered in Edmonton in years.” ~Timothy J. Anderson Actor, Writer

Must-See Mercy… Theatre Yes Stokes Blistering 90 Minutes [in The Mercy Seat]… one of the season’s must see productions. ~ Eva Marie Clarke, See Magazine

“Theatre Yes produces innovative, collaborative theatre pieces that challenge their audiences emotionally, intellectually and viscerally. I always leave their productions reflecting on societal issues and ultimately take my questions into discussion with the students in my classroom or to various social groups that I encounter. The scripts they choose are challenging, yet accessible.   Theatre Yes creates a theatrical experience unlike any other theatre company I have seen. Theatre Yes is an integral part of Edmonton’s theatre scene.” ~Stacy Fish Edmonton Public Schools

“I saw Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat at the Edmonton Fringe in August 2010 and thought it was one of the best productions I have seen there over many years. Inglis’s directing was innovative and striking in its use of four different sites on Whyte Ave to stage each of the four short plays that her company choose to do from Mark Ravenhill’s 16 play cycle. Not only would Whyte Avenue never be quite the same because of what we had seen along the street, but we too were changed in having to experience the aftershocks of living in a world where the death and torture that we associate with other places now belongs to us. All elements of this production were outstanding. Heather Inglis is making a huge contribution to Edmonton Theatre and should be supported. “ ~Rosalind Kerr, PhD, Associate Professor of Dramatic Theory

“The Enchantment is a ravishing production… a seductive, voluptuous and enveloping theatrical adventure… forget the world and give yourself over to this ravishing production.” ~ Colin Maclean, Edmonton Sun

“Theatre Yes is an integral and important member of the Edmonton Theatre community. The poetic style, dedication to long term projects and their strong artistic collaborations make them unique in this city. They are also the only company producing [contemporary] theatre for adults that has a woman as their Artistic Director. That female sensibility and perspective makes Theatre Yes a vital and necessary part of our community.” ~John Hudson, Artistic Director, Shadow Theatre

“For years I have watched for opportunities to see work by Theatre Yes and Heather Inglis. From Brecht to LaBute to Pollock to lesser-known writers, I know I will see something that engages with the theatre arts in interesting, rich ways. I know I will see things worth seeing – whether my cup of tea or not. I know I will see dedicated artists stretching themselves. I know I will see plays, plays that I may never get to see otherwise… produced at a high level. I am enriched by the choices of material as well as by the treatment they receive.”~Jan Selman, Former Chair, University of Alberta Drama Department

“The play and the production are powerful. What Brovold’s Rachel [Corrie] gives us, beyond a glimpse at a world we haven’t seen, is a redeeming sense of self awareness and wonder”. ~ Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal