About Yes

Intelligent Theatre For Adventurous Audiences.

Theatre Yes is an award-winning, boutique theatre company that has toured across the country. We respond to national and international cultural conversations with programming that invites audiences to become a vital part of each performance event. We produce and present plays and artistic happenings that surprise and empower, honouring of art and the artist as forces that challenge and focus us toward exploring complexities of modern life. Our productions respond to up-to-the-minute local, national, and international cultural conversations with events that invite audiences to be a part of adventures they won’t forget.Theatre Yes is a social profit company that produces theatre and performance works in unique environments, which are exhilarating, thought-provoking and memorable. We are a company of innovators who challenge tried and true formulas. We create and present excellent, exciting alternative works that push the boundaries of what audiences and artists think theatre can be.

Theatre Yes is risky, challenging, contemporary, theatre.

Expect Surprise, Challenge, Innovation.

Expect the Unexpected.

Theatre Yes’s work is born out of a robust artistic vision that is nurtured collaboratively by supporting artists. Theatre Yes is lead by Artistic Producer Heather Inglis who is supported associate artists.

We invite you to find out more about our Artistic Team HERE.

 History and Milestones 

Theatre Yes Board of Directors

We are thankful to the long-term contributions of our board of directors.

Amanda Hedden – President
Susannah Murphy – Vice President
Mark Anderako – Secretary
Dana Rayment – Treasurer
Andrea Schibler – Director
Matthew Gwozd – Director