Watch for Theatre Yes’s Announcement of the companies Interim Producer Jan 24th!

Theatre Yes’ VISCOSITY nominated for an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding Independent Production!

VISCOSITY sought to create bridges between Albertans, using a new form of artistic expression never tired before in Edmonton, opening up conversations we do not always have in our province. Funders, partners, sponsors, contributors, community participants, artists and audiences came together from a variety of sectors to make VISCOSITY a huge success.

Congratulations to all participating artists and community participants. This acknowledgement is yours.



Theatre Yes’ ANXIETY Featured in Canadian Theatre Review

Heather Inglis, Artistic Director and Producer, was invited to contribute a feature article about Theatre Yes’s ANXIETY for the Canadian Theatre Review, Canada’s foremost Theatre Magazine and document. Watch the video doc of ANXIETY created for the CTR Feature HERE. MORE ABOUT CANADIAN THEATRE REVIEW ARTICLE